Methods of payment and refund


Business: 24/7.

Payment is made through the ArtPay electronic payment system. ArtPay serves financial transactions through bank cards (including salary cards) Visa and MasterCard of all banks of the world. The ArtPay system provides opportunities for quick and convenient payment of any goods and services, and transfers money from your bank card to the seller's account.

If you chose a payment method using a bank payment card, the transfer of data during the payment of the order occurs in a secure mode (the information is protected via SSL with a 168-bit encryption key) using Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code technologies.

After the payment is made, a letter with a pre-attached electronic check-card is received on the e-mail specified by the customer, which is a confirmation of the payment and reflects the
In order to avoid controversial situations, we recommend storing copies of order and payment records.

State Nature Protection Institution "National Park" Belovezhskaya Pushcha ".

Location 225063, Brest region, Kamenets district, as well as Kamenyuki.

Phone: 8 (01631) 56398.


Bank requisites:
checking account 3015610500262 in the branch of JSC Belagroprombank - Brest regional administration

UNP 200056212

OKPO 03539121


For a refund for accommodation and excursion services, you need to write an application addressed to our director (Alexander Vasilyevich Buroi) to indicate the reason why the trip is impossible, to sign and forward this application to us by e-mail or by facsimile +375163156398.

Refund is made if the return request was sent no later than 2 days before your arrival.