Payment Instruction

To obtain a pass document for foreign nationals to visit the tourist and recreation zone “Brest” (SNPI NP “BELOVEZHSKAYA PUSHCHA”) for tourist purposes for up to ten days without a visa, you must perform the following steps:

 01. To view the POSITION on the procedure for visiting tourist and recreational Zone "Brest" (SNPI NP "BELOVEZHSKAYA PUSHCHA”) and click" Agree"

 02. Acquaint with the rules of visiting the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" by foreign nationals in the framework of visa-free entry into the tourist and recreation zone "Brest" and click the "Agree" button.
 03. Fill in the registration form: for individuals or legal entities, the number of participants, the planned date of arrival, the number of days of stay, etc. Passport data must be entered in Latin letters, as in the machine-readable zone of the passport and click "Save and continue." If you wish to book a hotel, additional services you can write e-mail to
 04. On the page “Order of services”, a mandatory service is automatically added (payment for a cross-border route, a visit to the Museum of Ethnography and Ancient Technologies and the Estate of the Belarusian Grandfather Frost). After that, click the "Order" button (your order is automatically added to the basket), then "Next" - "Checkout".
 05. After the above actions, you are automatically redirected to the Art Pay payment system page, where you have to pay for all services and accommodation with a credit card. The order payment process takes place in a secure mode (information is protected by SSL protocol with an encryption key of 168 bits in length) using the Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code technologies.

After the made payment, the mail with an attached electronic card check is sent to the email indicated by the client, which confirms the payment, the details of the payment transaction are reflected. During the time, a document (pass) will be sent to your email granting the right to visit the tourist and recreational zone “Brest” (SNPI NP “BELOVEZHSKAYA PUSHCHA”).

SNPI NP "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" prepares an entry permit for foreign nationals, under condition of  visiting tourist facilities of the park. If a visit to the National Park is not planned, foreign nationals may contact the tour operators of Brest for the purpose of visa-free entry to the tourist and recreation zone “Brest”.