Booking. Regulations on «visa-free regime»

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on the procedure for foreign nationals visiting the tourist and recreation zone “Brest-Grodno” (SNPI NP “BELOVEZHSKAYA PUSHCHA”)

The present Regulation determines the procedure for foreign nationals visiting the tourist and recreational zone "Brest-Grodno" (SNPI NP "BELOVEZHSKAYA PUSHCHA”), for tourism purposes for up to 15 days.

The present Regulation applies to foreign nationals in accordance with the list of states, in which relation a visa-free order of entry and exit is established due to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus  August 07, 2019 No. 300 “About the Establishment of a Visa-Free Order of Entry and Exit of Foreign Nationals” 1 (hereinafter - Decree ).

The term of stay of foreign nationals at visa-free regime entry in the Republic of Belarus and departure from the Republic of Belarus at checkpoints, determined by the Decree, is the duration of the tour.

When foreigners purchase additional tourist services *, the time stay is extended by tour operators that provide services at the request of foreign nationals.

* - For the purposes of the present Position, additional tourist services are understood as tourist services, the acquisition of which during the tour realized by the tour operator providing services in the territory of the tourist and recreation zone “Brest-Grodno” (SNPI NP “BELOVEZHSKAYA PUSHCHA”) entails an increase in the length of foreign nationals stay (additional accommodation in a hotel or similar accommodation facility, optional excursions, transfer services and other services). The duration of the tour, including its further extending, must not exceed the period established by the present Regulations.

The territories included in the tourist and recreational zone “Brest-Grodno” (SNPI NP "BELOVEZHSKAYA PUSHCHA) are defined by the Decree.

Foreign nationals arrive in the tourist and recreation zone “Brest-Grodno” (SNPI NP “BELOVEZHSKAYA PUSCHA”) on the basis of the following documents:

- a valid passport intended for traveling abroad and issued by the relevant authority of the state of nationality or by an international organization (hereinafter - the document for traveling abroad);

- a document granting a foreigner the right to visit the tourist and recreation zone “Brest-Grodno” (THE PASS, issued by the National Park “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”) - a document for the right to visit.

Foreign nationals provide the following data to the subjects of tourist activity offering tourist services: surname, proper name, patronymic name (if any); birth date; citizenship; series, document number for going abroad; floor; contact details (e-mail address, mobile phone number), date of intended entry (Latin transcription in accordance with the machine readable area of the document for traveling abroad).

The expenses associated with the deportation or expulsion of foreigners are paid by nationals.

Foreign nationals who are on the territory of the tourist and recreation zone “Brest-Grodno” (SNPI NP “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”) and who have lost the document for going abroad, apply to the nearest internal affairs agency.

Foreign nationals entering the Republic of Belarus on the basis of a document granting the visit right are obliged to stay only on the territory of the tourist and recreation zone “Brest-Grodno”.

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